Congress of Deputies

Maintenance service for mechanical installations in buildings. Technical management, conduction and maintenance or air conditioning system, heating/cooling units, water for sanitary use, water for fire extinguishing, extraction of smoke, fuel deposits and fuel supply in all buildings of the Congress of Deputies.

Effective maintenance includes the following:

Preventive maintenance

Inspections, checks and conduction of the installation.

Corrective maintenance

The set of operations required to remedy, correct or repair breakdowns or defects preventing regulator operation of installations; and any other actions aimed at obtaining greater energy efficiency, conformity to regulations, best practice and services more in line with their function.

Technical/legal maintenance

Specific preventive maintenance required by existing technical regulations, in those installations that so require according to mandatory industrial regulations, of a general, Community, national or autonomous nature.

Technical management of the system

Update, start-up, energy optimization, maneuvers, verification and gauging of protective equipment; and any other technical operations required for the installation to provide its services or cover the needs for which it was designed.