Ávila Health Care Complex

Fully-guaranteed energy management and installation maintenance services

Optimization of energy demand, increase of the yield in the production, transformation and energy distribution. The objective focuses on reducing energy consumption, as well as introducing renewable energy to save fossil fuels and water. This includes improvements to infrastructure, such as the installation of a control system in the building and the energy recovery of the heat in the expulsion of air from the operating room air conditioners, by means of an exchanger. Our foremost services provided are:

Energy management

Management of the supply and control of the energy consumption of fuels and electricity throughout the building, supply management and control of water consumption, quality control, quantity and use, and guarantee of supply.

Ductwork and surveillance services at the facilities


  • HVAC (production of cold, heat, air treatment, extraction, etc.)
  • Electricity (high and low)
  • Plumbing (accumulation and transfer)
  • Installation of the fire protection system (detection and extinction)

Total guarantee and comprehensive maintenance

Modifying, corrective, predictive, preventive and technical-legal maintenance with repair and replacement of all deteriorated elements of the facilities subject to improvement.

Savings guarantee

Commitment to savings in energy and water consumption derived from the improvement of the installation and the management and operation of the same in the following percentages:

  • Thermal energy: 10.5%
  • Electricity: 15%
  • Cold water: 5%