16.12.14Cabecera _Servicios Sociosanitarios

We contribute to the well-being of people, through the development of individualized and collective services and activities that result in an improvement in their quality of life and in the integration of some of the most sensitive groups in our society: the elderly, children and people in risk of social exclusion.

Our foremost activities include the management of residences and sheltered apartments, dependency care and socio-health management. To do this, we have a highly qualified human team, as well as technical resources and technologies that guarantee excellence in the services rendered.

Leading projects 

  • Home Care Service (SAD) for the municipalities of A Coruña, Santurtzi and Abanto-Zierbena (both in Vizcaya, Basque Country), Isla Cristina (Huelva), Algeciras (Cádiz), Yecla (Murcia), Tarrasa (Barcelona), and for the municipality of Málaga, all of them in Spain
  • Management of nursing homes for the elderly of Fontiveros (Ávila), Chillón (Ciudad Real), Brenes (Seville), and Poble Nou (Barcelona), all of them in Spain
  • Assisted-living or monitored facilities in Buitrago del Lozoya (Madrid) and Habitatges amb Serveis de Montnegre, Torre Julia, Marina, Favencia i Cibeles and equipament Pau Casals, all of them for the municipality of Barcelona (Spain) 
  • Glories I and II flats, in Barcelona (Spain)